‘Werewolf by Night’ Director Teases “Fun Horror” But Promises Plenty of Scares

werewolf by night horror

While a lot of eyes are on the upcoming release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the current Disney+ series She-Hulk, Attorney at Law, we also have a Halloween Disney+ special on the horizon. Werewolf by Night will offer something very new, as Marvel Studios ventures out into its new Special Presentation territory and promises a Hammer-inspired black-and-white horror spectacular.

Early reviews have been very positive and that is quite exciting for Michael Giacchino, as this project marks his first true directorial debut. He’s seemingly been quite interested in tackling the character and was even approached by Kevin Feige on if there was a character he’d love to bring to life, which led to him tackling a character he dearly loves. In an interview with Empire, he highlights how he grew up with the character’s comics and teases how the idea evolved to become a “love letter to monsters and the humanity behind them.”

I still have the comics that I bought when I was a kid. Kevin and I kept talking about it, and it’s evolved into this love letter to monsters and the humanity behind them.

Michael Giacchino

He’s also teased that this will be a “fun horror” adaptation of the popular character. He does highlight that this is still a horror story and jokingly reveals that his nephew couldn’t sleep the night he was able to watch it. So, it seems we’ll get that MCU story that can take a bigger bite out of the R-rated territory; something we’ve seen growing ever since Moon Knight offered us a small tease of what they might do.

Source: Empire

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