‘What If’: Seth Green Confirms His Return as Howard the Duck in the Disney+ Series

what if howard the duck

The new What If trailer offered quite a glimpse into Marvel Studios’ first animated series. What seemed to be independent episodes taking a closer look at different scenarios across the franchise’s timeline, might be way more interconnected than we thought. Many iconic actors are returning to voice their respective characters with some noticeable absentees, such as Robert Downey Jr. not lending his voice to Tony Stark. Luckily, one can easily sideline this fact by pointing out that these are Variants from another timeline, but it’s still sad to see not everyone make a return. The new trailer also revealed the grand return of Howard the Duck and his voice actor Seth Green confirmed he’ll reprise the role on Twitter.

The actor originally voiced the cameo in a brief post-credit sequence from the first Guardians of the Galaxy film featuring Howard and Benicio Del Toro‘s Collector, who is also slated to return. The character would go on to make a brief cameo in the sequel and can even be sighted alongside the Ravagers rocking a gun in Avengers: Endgame‘s final fight. Willard Huyck once directed a film based on the Marvel character back in 1986 that introduced the world to a darker twist on Donald Duck.

He originally was going to get his own Hulu series alongside the recently released MODOK. It was going to see the two series alongside another canceled project titled Tigra & Dazzler crossover into The Offenders. Kevin Smith and Dave Willis were executive producers alongside former Marvel TV head, Jeph Loeb. While he never got his own series, it seems that the character has a bright future in the MCU moving forward.

Source: Twitter, Deadline

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