Zack Snyder Shares First Look at Anthony Hopkins’ ‘Rebel Moon’ Character

rebel moon first look

Geeked Week continues to offer some fun details and looks at what the future of Netflix has in store for viewers. Earlier today, we learned that Anthony Hopkins is going to play Jimmy, who is a sentient JC1435 battle robot in Zack Snyder‘s upcoming sci-fi epic, Rebel Moon. It’s a great casting addition but we didn’t get a good look at what the actor may look like. Luckily, Snyder didn’t waste any time showcasing his design on Twitter shortly after.

At first, we assumed that he may only be voicing a robot but the design does look more humanoid than expected. So, there might be a chance that he got to play the character on set. Of course, there are no confirmations on how Jimmy was brought to life in the upcoming film, but it’s great that he didn’t waste any time offering a first look at the character.

We’ll see if we potentially et other casting reveals alongside a first look at the character. The cast already sounds quite promising and Snyder has his own way of bringing many actors together to create some visually stunning pictures. So, it’s surprising that it took him this long to do a sci-fi film considering the visual palette it offers for him to bring to life.

Source: Twitter

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