Zombie Apocalypse ‘As We Know It’ Finds its Cast

zombie apocalypse

It looks like an upcoming horror comedy As We Know It has found its cast, as it has added quite a few comedic veterans to headline the project. Oliver Cooper, known for his work on Project X, 30 Rock‘s Chris Parnell, and Jackie Brown‘s Pam Grier have joined the project to face a late 90s nuclear zombie apocalypse. The story follows the story of James Bishop who is facing a breakup and is trying to finish his book before the apocalypse arrives.

They aren’t alone, as they also added Mike Castle and Taylor Blackwell, alongside a TikToker by the name of Danny Mondello. In the directing chair is Josh Monkarsh and the production has already started production during the end of July. It’s going to wrap up in early August and is based on a script by Monkarsh, who co-wrote it alongside Christopher Francis and Brandon DePaolo. It does sound like it could be a fun time and it’s not the first horror comedy to take a look at the apocalypse through the lens of comedians.

Unlike Seth Rogen‘s This Is The End though, the actors aren’t playing themselves but they are sticking to a fictional storyline. Still, the cast does sound promising and it’ll be interesting to see how it comes together. Comedy is subjective and they may add their own spin fo the concept. There’s no word if this will also be a mostly adult comedy, as zombies aren’t strangers to more PG-13 fare as well but with the popularity of R-rated comedies it would seem strange they’d not stick to it with the base concept.

Source: Variety

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