12 Days of X-Mas: Day 10, Forge

The X-Men are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Studios has no small task ahead of them in making sure that the iconic team can lead the franchise in Phase 7 and beyond. Marvel Studios is also sure to make every effort to separate their adaptation of the team(s) from what came before. To celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas, we’ve decided to put together a list of which characters might play a key role and how Marvel Studios can ensure nobody will confuse them with their Fox counterparts or, in this case, an X-Men fixture that Fox left on the bench.

The Genius

The Cheyenne Indian known as Forge never appeared in Fox’s X-films and that’s probably a blessing in disguise. Every super team needs an idea guy and Forge is an idea guy on a  level that would rival the greats like Tony Stark and Reed Richards. The kind of work Forge would do was either completely absent from the X-films or relegated to Hank McCoy who while also a genius in the comics, wasn’t the intuitive engineering genius that Forge was.

Described best in his own words, Forge’s true mutant gift was “to make the impossible real” something he often did without possessing a true understanding of the process he was working through. Thanks to his mutation, Forge sees what others cannot and what Forge can see, Forge can create. As you can imagine, this gift can be both beautiful and terrifying and Forge has made more than his fair share of terrifying devices, including one that neutralized mutant powers. Forge has recently played a major role in the X-Men’s resurrection protocols and has found a new outlet for his talents in creating bio-organic weapons with the help of Krakoa.

Adding Forge to the mix of X-Men in the MCU shouldn’t be a problem. His status as a member of the Cheyenne Tribe works well with Marvel Studios’ ongoing efforts to add diverse characters to the MCU, something very in line with Stan Lee’s original work with the X-Men. His past as a wounded soldier who experienced severe trauma also adds a layer of depth to the character and one not much different from current MCU fan favorite Bucky Barnes. Like Barnes, Forge sustained some gruesome war injuries; unlike Barnes, Forge is essentially part cyborg now but that mixture of man and machine fits so well with his mutant power that it must be part of his story. Beyond that, he’s a must-have character whose brilliance as an inventor will allow the X-Men to stay sharp and develop weapons to take on the alien races they’re sure to encounter (and that Fox decided to ignore). Including Forge also provides the opportunity for one of his inventions to fall into the wrong hands and endanger mutants everywhere. Forge has been a member of the core team, X-Force and X-Factor and has a pretty underrated relationship with Wolverine. It’s truly hard to believe that he hasn’t somehow been brought to live-action yet, but Marvel Studios should definitely change that in the very near future.

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