20-Year Old ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Pilot Animatic Released Online

Seth Kearsley has recently opened up about the Kingdom Hearts animated series that never was. It has been 20 years since he worked on the project and it was something he held quite dearly, which is why he no longer wanted to keep it a secret from the world. In a surprising twist, however, instead of just talking about the project he went on to release the entire animatic for the world to see online, which you can check out here:

It’s definitely a bold move, as he highlights that he doesn’t own the right to publish this. Disney holds onto the rights even with Square-Enix being the creator of this Disney-Final Fantasy mashup. Many have long wondered why we never got an adaptation of any kind, but it’s great to get a look at what could have been after all these years. Kingdom Hearts has lived on as a massive franchise spanning books, multiple consoles, and ongoing musical concerts but still no cinematic or TV adaptation.

While this move won’t lead to the series getting a renewal after all these years, there is still the potential for them to consider an adaptation. Disney+ may unshackle them to explore many different types of stories and such a massive IP would definitely be the perfect touch, no matter if they go an animated or even live-action route. Kingdom Hearts still remains as one of Square Enix’s popular entries and we’ll see if the upcoming fourth entry alongside this leak potentially reviving interest to explore a project based on it after all.

Source: YouTube

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