2022 NFL Draft Drinking Game

Welcome to the 2022 NFL Draft Drinking Game! Below are a few predictions of how the draft tonight will go. Play at your own risk.

  1. Take a shot whenever a prospect is drafted and the analysts tell us the worst thing that’s happened to the prospect’s family.
    1. The 2020 draft was hyper focused on this. We had multiple “Get to Know” lists directly after the prospect was drafted, and one I remember the most was Tee Higgins, current Bengals receiver and Clemson standout. They listed his hometown, high school accolades, and that his mother fought drugs for 20 years. Why on Earth would you think that’s necessary to include? It’s this person’s biggest moment of their lives so far and you have to air out dirty laundry? Do better.
  2. Finish your drink if a running back is taken in the first round.
    1. DON’T TAKE RUNNING BACKS IN THE FIRST!!! I am going to list the number of First Round RBs that have won the Super Bowl with the team that drafted them in the last 20 years. Sony Michel (Patriots, 2018), Reggie Bush (2009), and Joseph Addai (Colts, 2006). And all 3 were quarterbacked by Hall of Famers. If you want a ring, do not take a first round running back.
  3. Take a drink if Bill Belichick trades back, finish your drink if he trades out of the First round altogether.
    1. Bill hates first rounders. He’s a late round specialist (See one Brady, Tom for evidence, or more recently, Michael Onwenu), and almost always finds a way to trade out of his current draft slot.
  4. Take a shot if a team trades into the top 8 and overreaches on a quarterback.
    1. I’m firmly of the opinion that there should be no quarterbacks taken in the first round this year. But some team (Watch for the Saints, Commanders, Seahawks or maybe even the Eagles) to trade up, likely for Malik Willis.
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