A ‘Kick-Ass’ Reboot Is Happening

kickass reboot

It’s not common to see a director decide to reboot his own franchise but Matthew Vaughn is not one to make common choices. A few years ago, he talked about the possibility of doing a spin-off of Kick-Ass, the Mark Millar-penned hit comic that Vaughn brought to the mainstream with its gung-ho violence and superhero satire, with a brand new character named Patience Lee. Now, the director has confirmed that a reboot is ready to happen.

We’ve got a big reboot of Kick-Ass in two years. Big reboot. It’s so fucking nuts that I can’t talk about it. But we’ve got that ready to go. All the rights revert back in two years and then we’re going to reboot it where people will be like, he is insane.

The original Kick-Ass premiered at a time where the concept of a successful R-Rated superhero film was unheard of. A decade later, the superhero movie landscape is now in a completely different place where violent superhero films and shows are very successful. To see a brand new take on Kick-Ass should be interesting to see given all the changes the industry has seen.

Source: Collider

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