‘A Quiet Place 3’ to Release in 2025

a quiet place 3

ViacomCBS – who has now rebranded to Paramount – is currently busy announcing its future plans and just throwing one piece of news out after another. Among their many iconic IPs is the horror franchise A Quiet Place, which John Krasinski kicked off and is slowly evolving into its own cinematic universe. The first spinoff, which just added Pig director Michael Sarnosky is eyeing a release in 2023, but it looks like the official third entry will be heading to theaters in 2025. Sadly, no further details were given.

It’ll be interesting to see how exactly the spinoff might connect to the upcoming third entry. We know that Krasinski is set to return alongside Emily Blunt in the next entry of the franchise, which is theorized to take place before the events of the original film. So, it may build up some connections that may pay off in the release of the third entry that further expands the world that suddenly fell silent.

Source: Twitter

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