Adult Swim Severs Ties with ‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland

rick and morty justin roiland

Rick and Morty will be looking for a new Rick and Morty. Co-Creator and the voice behind the show’s two main characters– and all their variants–Justin Roiland has been cut loose by Adult Swim. The series will continue without Roiland, who was recently charged with felony domestic abuse.

Rick and Morty was created by Roiland alongside Dan Harmon. It become so popular that Adult Swim made an ambitious 70-episode order back in 2018. At this point, that deal hasn’t even hit its halfway mark and the controversy surrounding Roiland had many wondering how exactly they’ll move forward.

It seems that the series order is not going to get dropped anytime soon and rather they’ll simply recast the voices of the maniac genius Rick and his grandson Morty. There’s no statement if they already started the process of finding the successor, but they’ll likely try to move forward as fast as possible.

We also don’t know if they’ll keep some existing recordings from Roiland or completely replace any work he may have done for the next season of the series. The last episode of Season 6 released in December and we’ll have to see how far along the next season already is.

Of course, Rick and Morty isn’t the only project that Roiland is involved with, such as his work on a variety of characters in High on Life. There’s also his other spinoff series Solar Opposites, where he voices Korvo and the recently released Koala Man. For now, we’ll have to wait for more information to arrive on the other projects.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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