‘Advance Wars’ Remake Postponed Indefinitely Due to Current Events

advance wars delay

Given current events in Ukraine, Nintendo has announced that the upcoming strategy game Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp will be postponed indefinitely. Originally, it was going to release on April 8th, but WayForward and Nintendo made the honest choice of pushing the game back. No release date has yet been named, but the delay makes a lot of sense.

For those that haven’t played the original Advance Wars games, the Blue Moon fraction that is part of Wars World invades the neighboring country. While the war theme throughout the game may also have been a reason for the delay, the real reason lies in the before-mentioned story, as the Blue Moon faction is a Russian allegory. Given their current actions, the delay is an understandable and smart decision by the developers.

It’s a shame that the game has gotten delayed again, as it was originally going to release ahead of last year’s holidays. For unknown reasons, it was pushed back once again but this time around it’s for a good reason. We’ll see if we get an announcement on the franchise’s future in the near future and if we might even get some updated looks on other additions to the game.

Source: Twitter

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