Aiden Pearce Returns in ‘Watch Dogs: Legacy’

Ubisoft has been heavily promoting their upcoming entry into the Watch Dogs series. Legacy will be a unique take that allows you to recruit regular people from the streets for your cause. It moved further away from what the previous two entries did in their approach to storytelling. It is a unique idea that lets players have full control of how they approach each storyline. Yet, players do wonder whatever happened to Aiden Pearce, the protagonist of the original Watch Dogs. Well, looks like those questions have been answered.

Not only will Aiden Pearce be playable but he will also get his own standalone DLC post-launch. This is a great way to bring back the character and continue his story. Marcus Holloway took over as the main protagonist in Watch Dogs 2. Hopefully, this reveal also means he will get added to the game as well. As someone who played the original, this is a great reveal and opens up a lot of story possibilities. Curious what Aiden has gone through after all these years.

Source: Ubisoft, YouTube

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