Alessandro Nivola on Playing the Villain in Sony’s ‘Kraven the Hunter’ Film

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As Sony looks to continue moving forward with their cinematic universe of characters within the lore of Spider-Man (without the titular character present), one film that has piqued the curiosity of some is 2023’s Kraven the Hunter. As the film approaches its January premiere, Alessandro Nivola sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss his involvement as the main antagonist. Nivola focused on his excitement about reuniting with director J.C. Chandor after having worked with him on A Most Violent Year. Alongside this, the actor described the more practical nature of this film as opposed to others in the superhero genre.

These movies all have a certain formula to them, but J.C. said that he wanted to shoot all on location. The physical ability of the characters in the movie is also more grounded in reality. People aren’t flying around or anything. J.C. described it as the most incredible Olympic athlete you’ve ever seen. Moreover, the role, which I’m not yet allowed to disclose, was just a real acting opportunity for me.

Alessandro Nivola

Kraven the Hunter has been confirmed to have been shot on location in predominantly Iceland. That bit of news has the potential to draw in more interest as most superhero flicks are filmed with the help of greenscreens. Nivola also talked about the enjoyment he had in playing an antagonist with pathos and complexity while avoiding general stereotypes of actors working within the realm of superheroics. The actor also gave some teases towards specific facets of his character and the film at large.

It’s just a great character part, and I didn’t have to do any CGI. I didn’t have to do any green screen. I only transform, physically, in the final moments of the movie, so it’s just a classic villain role. It had a really interesting, complex psychology and personal history to draw on, and the movie has a time jump in it, so the character changes a lot from the way he is in the beginning of the film. It was as much of an acting opportunity as any other film I’ve done, and I didn’t have to contend with wearing a spandex outfit or anything like that.

Alessandro Nivola

If what Alessandro Nivola talks about here is able to be translated onto the screen, then there is a chance that Kraven the Hunter can become a relative surprise hit within the genre. And Sony should certainly be hoping for that if they want to maintain success in this attempt at a cinematic universe following the unmitigated flop of Morbius earlier this year.

Kraven the Hunter stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the titular role and is currently scheduled to open in theaters on January 13, 2023.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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