Amazon to Publish Crystal Dynamic’s Next ‘Tomb Raider’ Entry

tomb raider amazon

While Crystal Dynamics has been busy with their first attempt at a Games-as-a-Service model in Marvel’s Avengers and joined the production of Perfect Dark‘s next entry. Now, they have finally confirmed that they are already working on the next entry to the popular and iconic Tomb Raider franchise. Yet, there seems to be a new publisher in town, as they’ve announced that Amazon Game Studios will be the one to release their next “multiplatform adventure.”

It’s not a surprise that they were going to have a new publisher, especially due to Square Enix having gone out of its way selling its entire Western division. While it would be easy to say taht the sale was out of nowhere, Square hasn’t been too subtle on how they’ve struggled with their Western divisions as most of their productions were struggling to reach extremely high estimates with little marketing to truly push it.

Square sold Crystal Dynamics to the Embracer Group, one that has been growing at a rapid rate by simply purchasing its way into the market. Now, it seems that they’ve closed a deal with Amazon Game Studios for its next release but it’s uncertain if they might become a home for the studio’s future releases. There’ also the question of what’ll happen to Marvel’s Avengers that was released by Square Enix and has been facing an upward struggle. For now, we have to see what the future has in store.

Source: Twitter

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