Dwayne Johnson Turned Down a Cameo in ‘Shazam 2’

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You know what’s weird? That the Shazam franchise has seemingly no real direct connection to the Black Adam franchise even though those characters are famously rivals in the original comics. During San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. had a panel promoting both next entries, especially with Shazam: Fury of the Gods‘ original release around the corner, but they didn’t use the chance to have these obviously connected characters interact with each other to hype up fans. There was no Zachary Levi squaring off against Dwayne Johnson eventhough that would’ve been the perfect build-up for these two characters. Now, it seems that Dwayne Johnson has even turned down a potential cameo in the upcoming Shazam sequel.

The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez took to Twitter to react to a post highlighting that these two characters won’t likely ever meet due tot he DC Studios’ shake-up with its new co-heads very likely rebooting the entire franchise. There, he highlighted that Johnson passed on a cameo in the upcoming sequel and was approached directly to join in. It would’ve made sense to also build up to an eventual confrontation in the third entry but it seems even more apparent that Johnson‘s interpretation of the character is purely as Superman’s rival.

The actor hasn’t been subtle about it, especially trying to sell his film on the return of Henry Cavill to the role; who ironically now also won’t return again after all that work threatening Warner Bros. executives to get him back. He’s been hyping up the character’s involvement quite a bit and their “big clash” which isn’t really Black Adam’s usual M.O. to beginw ith. Characters change in adaptation but one can see that he chose a character he personally liked and wanted to turn him into a Trinity level character. You have to respect the hustle but also it’s sad that he’s also the reason Black Adam was taken out of the original script for the first Shazam film only to completely move the character away from his base mythology.

Source: Twitter

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