‘Andor’ Showrunner Hints at Season 2 Release in 2024

andor season 2

We’re only a few more days ahead of the release of Andor, the latest Disney+ series to release and further explore the Star Wars galaxy. We’ve known for a while that we’ll also be getting a second season, which will likely start production soon. As it turns out he’s expecting to start production by November according to showrunner Tony Gilroy in an interview with The Wrap. Even still, we shouldn’t expect the release until 2024.

I have two more years to go. We start shooting in November on Part 2. And I don’t know if … Our past pattern was two years, but I mean, I’ll be on … We’ll shoot from November to August. And then our post[-production] last time was about a year.

Tony Gilroy

In an interesting tidbit during the interview, Gilroy hints at the fact that this might be the most time he’s ever spent on a franchise as he tends to jump from one project to the next; highlighting how dedicated he is to this project.

This is the most home I’ve ever made. I’ve always had a very nimble approach to this. I never take a job in front of another job. I’ve always just done one thing at a time and moved around and never made a company or got a letterhead or I never had a production deal or anything. This is the longest I’ve ever spent anywhere.

Tony Gilroy

It’s definitely motivating to see that the project has Gilroy wanting to spend as much time as he can on it. His initial idea for Andor was originally going to consist of five seasons which would highlight just how excited he was to tackle the project moving forward even as he compressed the idea into two seasons.

Source: The Wrap

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