‘Andor’ Showrunner Wanted to Make the Disney+ Series Feel “Real”

andor gilroy

Andor is the latest Star Wars series heading to Disney+ but it’s taking a different approach this time around. We’re set to explore a new corner of the ever-expanding galaxy, as we move away from the many legacy characters and take a look at what this universe was like under the ruling thumb of the Empire. Instead of a former Jedi Master, we return to Diego Luna‘s Cassian Andor who offers a more grounded look that many fans may have not seen yet.

In the official press conference for the Disney+ series, Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy offered a glimpse of how they tackled the series but also highlighted how they couldn’t have truly shaped or even attempted this project without the Star Wars fandom behind it. They are not only making it for those that love this franchise but also exploring a more “real” part of this universe.

That’s what gave us the money and the momentum and the ability to make a show that’s this insanely big, I mean, this abundant and this difficult to make. That audience is our primary concern, and we want to bring something to them that is a completely different lane than what they’ve had before, but we’re doing it in a completely uncynical fashion.

Tony Gilroy

He goes on to highlight that very “uncynical fashion” approach they took with the series to make it stand out from the rest, especially in how they wanted to build it up for the community.

There’s nothing cynical about our show. The word we use more every day, and I was at Pinewood today prepping for two, is real. We want to make this real. This place is real to us. And we will bring a lot of things to that community that we hope they’re really interested in, and we hope they really appreciate it, and we hope they really appreciate the passion that we’ve tried to make it real. At the same time, it’s no secret.

Tony Gilroy

It’s definitely an exciting prospect to take the fantastical realm of Star Wars and take a more grounded look. Moving away from the Jedi and Sith that made it famous, we get a closer look at a much harsher world that lives under the thumb of a ruthless Empire. It feels like the Rogue One prequel was the perfect jumping-off point for Tony Gilroy to build upon. With a second season on the horizon, here’s hoping this might also set a new direction for the franchise.

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