Anya Taylor-Joy Already Recorded “Bits and Pieces” of Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Film

super mario bros anya taylor joy

It was quite a surprise to many when Nintendo unveiled its all-star cast for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film adaptation. The animated project would include actors like Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, and Anya Taylor-Joy in key roles. It’s currently eyeing a release in December 2022 and we haven’t heard much on it since the announcement back in September. Well, it looks like recordings are already underway, as revealed by Taylor-Joy in an interview with ET.

The actress, who’ll play Princess Peach, shared that they’ve already started the recording process on “little bits and pieces” for now. Not just that, she also shared her favorite part about playing the role, she gets to play games as part of her research. Of course, she doesn’t go into much detail but it’s good to know that the film seems currently on track to hit its release next year.

Oh, it is so much fun. We started doing little bits and pieces of it already. The greatest part is that I get to say I am doing homework or work or research just by gaming, which is pretty great.

It’s going to be quite interesting to see how they bring this franchise to the silver screen. Still, it’s great to hear Taylor-Joy is having fun with the role and seems like a perfect fit for the character. Yet, there’s also the mystery on how much dialogue we can expect, as Mario isn’t famous for talking a lot. So, Chris Pratt in the role was quite the surprise.

He’s no stranger to doing voice work as he also brought The LEGO Movie‘s Emmet to life. If he’ll have a large voice role, we might expect a lot more character development from the Italian plumber as he faces off against Bowser once again, who’ll be voiced by Jack Black. The role of Seth Rogens‘ Donkey Kong is still uncertain, as he’s been known as a foe and friend throughout the gaming franchise.

Source: ET

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