Denis Villeneuve Envisions ‘Dune’ as a Trilogy

After Dune was finally released in cinemas, we were clamoring for the sequel to finally get an announcement. Luckily, Warner Bros. didn’t waste any time and officially greenlit Dune: Part Two a few days ago. Yet, it seems that director Denis Villeneuve entered production with a sequel in mind, as the story finds an abrupt end on their journey to meet the Fremen of Arrakis. Yet, it seems that he has even more plans for the franchise’s future.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he opened up on how he’s approaching Frank Herbert‘s book series. While the sequel will finish up the story from the original novel, he plans to include Dune: Messiah as it would cap off the story of Timothée Chalamet‘s Paul Atreides.

I always envisioned three movies. It’s not that I want to do a franchise, but this is Dune, and Dune is a huge story. In order to honor it, I think you would need at least three movies. That would be the dream. To follow Paul Atreides and his full arc would be nice.

Denis Villeneuve

Oddly, he’d point out he doesn’t want to create a franchise, as there’s also an HBO Max spinoff in development that added Diane Ademu-John as showrunner this July. Still, his point is more on how Herbert’s books get “psychedelic” as they go on. He seems open to potentially tackling all of them at some point but his main focus would be to end the original novel and adapt Messiah. Of course, Children of Dune and God Emperor of Dune would make for some crazy cinema, such as seeing a person turn into a human-sandworm hybrid as EW points out.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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