‘Avatar’ Producer Teases ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Sequel

James Cameron has spent the last decade of his career working on Avatar: The Way of Water and its many follow-ups, but that hasn’t stopped him from producing a film or two along the way. Most famously, the director was a driving force behind the creation of Alita: Battle Angel, a 2019 movie based on the acclaimed Japanese sci-fi manga Battle Angel AlitaCameron had originally been attached to direct the project, which he started developing as far back as the year 2000, but ultimately relinquished the job to Robert Rodriguez so he could better focus on expanding the Avatar franchise. After a middling box office run in theaters, Rodriguez’s final product became a huge sleeper hit on streaming and home video, earning a cult following online with high demand for a sequel.

It would seem now that fans might get their wish, with Cameron’s longtime production partner Jon Landau hinting at progress being made at the Avatar: The Way of Water red carpet premiere. Speaking with Deadline, Landau was asked if he had any films in the pipeline aside from the remaining Avatar projects, and his answer was surprising:

There’s a little film called Alita: Battle Angel that we’d love to circle back and do a sequel to. Been talking to Robert about that, and hopefully that comes to fruition.

Jon Landau

Alita was always crafted with sequels in mind. The film was full of high-profile cameos intended to set up the future, and built an expansive world with plenty of loose threads to play with. Rodriguez has been open about wanting to make another installment in the past, citing his work on Lucasfilm’s The Book of Boba Fett as a trial run for how much people wanted to see a return. With the fanfare that series received upon release, it’s probably safe to say Landau and company are excited at the prospect of doing more business.

Source: Deadline

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