‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Producer Talks the Film’s Core Themes

Oscar-winning producer Jon Landau has long been a partner of director James Cameron in bringing both cutting-edge technology and well-crafted stories to the big screen. The two partnered up for Avatar and Titanic, which sit at #1 and #3, respectively, on the all-time box office list and both films have stayed with audiences because they had relevant stories to tell. 13 years after Avatar was released, its direct sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, is about to hit theaters across the globe and while it’s already being praised for its technological advancements, Landau believes there’s a whole lot more going on in the film than just fancy VFX.

As part of the global press junket for Avatar: The Way of Water, Landau expressed what he was looking forward to in the film and why the time was right for the long-awaited sequel:

Well the excitement are the themes that Jim writes into his stories. You know, themes are what you leave the theatre with, and this movie has heart, has emotion, and it also has, you know, a message again about our world, not just the environment, about people, about accepting people for their differences. In the movie Jim wrote in the line, (Speaks Na’vi), ‘I see you.’ And we want people to know that they’re seen, and that to see others that same way.

Jon Landau

The film will see the Na’vi encounter a new tribe who look to be very similar to themselves but who also have evolved quite differently. Footage has shown the Na’vi coming to understand that the new tribe, which inhabits coastal regions of Pandora, aren’t quite as familiar as they might think. In this way, Landau’s comments become a little clearer. While fans have come to know the Sully family, they’re not the only ones on the planet whose way of life is jeopardized. Perhaps Avatar: The Way of Water will partly focus on these tribes putting aside their differences and uniting to save their world, a theme which is always relevant.

Avatar: The Way of Water hits theaters across the globe on December 16th.

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