Bad Bunny’s Marvel Film Lands Director and Writer

El Muerto is the latest in a long line of Spidey-less Spider-Man movies Sony threatens to unleash upon cinemas. Music superstar Bad Bunny is slated to lead the film, a story about a luchador who gains mystical powers. According to the Wrap, the film has found its director and writer, Jonas Cuaron and Gareth-Dunnet Alcocer, respectively. Cuaron is best known for his acclaimed film Desierto and being the son of legendary director Alfonso Cuaron while Alcocer recently penned DC’s Blue Beetle film.

As unexciting as a Spidey-less Spider-Man cinematic universe sounds, El Muerto does have the tremendous distinction of being the first Marvel film led by a Latino character. Having huge names such as Bad Bunny, Cuaron, and the burgeoning Alcocer behind the film gives the project legitimacy and prestige. It’s hard to imagine how this film will tie in to Sony’s other Marvel properties but the pedigree attached to the project should keep fans hopeful that the studio gets a superhero movie correct after Morbius and Venom.

Source: The Wrap

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