Barry Keoghan Hasn’t Heard of Any Future ‘Eternals’ Plans

As we near the first anniversary of Eternals’ theatrical release, there remains no word on what the future of the franchise is. And based on the words of Barry Keoghan (who starred as Druig in the film), the stars of the original film don’t know either. While discussing his upcoming role in The Banshees of Inisherin with Uproxx, the actor spoke about how he hasn’t heard anything about his future with Marvel Studios and who he’s relied on to keep up to date with this sort of news.

Kumail (Nanjiani) is always the one I’m texting. I’m like, “Yo, have you heard anything on Eternals 2?” Kumail knows everything. You know what I mean? He loves comic books. The comic world…I’m always texting him like about San Diego Comic-Con. I’m like, “Hey, are we going to San Diego for Eternals?” but I’d love to see where it goes. I really would.

Barry Keoghan

Eternals was one of the few notable Marvel franchises that did not have any news come out of San Diego Comic-Con or the immediate following weeks. Based on the ever-dwindling amount of open slots within the Multiverse Saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it could end up being a while before the team returns to screens. And with that, Barry Keoghan has expressed curiosity in terms of where the story will go next.

There’s a lot that we could dive into and there’s a lot of character stories that we can go with and that as well. So I will be curious to see where Kevin (Feige), Victoria Alonso, and they all take it.

Barry Keoghan

When speaking about the specific process of making the first Eternals film, Keoghan gave high praise to director Chloe Zhao and how she helmed the film. As well, he brings up his desire to work with Zhao again for a future project.

It was shot and made, you really get, with the characters, it sort of felt like an independent movie at some points as well. But she’s amazing. Chloé, she’s another great one I would work with. At the drop of a hat again.

Barry Keoghan

Ultimately though, it still remains unclear when the Eternals will return in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One potential sign of hope comes from a few months ago when post-credit scene actor Patton Oswalt seemingly confirmed on the Today Show that a sequel being helmed by Chloe Zhao was in active development. It remains to be seen if this was something the actor spoke too soon about, but there in theory is certainly room in the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe for the ancient deities to have an active presence in some form.

Source: Uproxx

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