‘Batgirl’ Headed to Theaters in 2023

A few years back, the previous studio heads over at Warner Brothers were interested in developing original films set within the DC Extended Universe for release exclusively on HBO Max, with the first of these being Batgirl and Blue Beetle. Since then, Blue Beetle has forgone its streaming release for a theatrical one. Earlier this year, Warner Brothers Discovery was debating giving Batgirl a theatrical release as well, citing David Zaslav’s distaste for releasing such big films on streaming.

There has been radio silence on a potential release for the film, still currently set to release on HBO Max. However, it seems there may be a change incoming for the film. In an updated release schedule from Warner Bros UK, Batgirl is now listed under “2023 Theatrical Release.”

Now this isn’t doesn’t mean the same for the United States and elsewhere as of right now for one specific reason. HBO Max currently is not available to the United Kingdom, meaning a theatrical release would be one of the only ways fans would be able to see it there.

The studio has the perfect opportunity to cash in on a theatrical release if they were to hold on the film until late next year. Batgirl could thrive in late 2023 release, sometime around November and December, considering the film is set during Christmas and that Warner Brothers currently has no DC films set for release following Blue Beetle’s release next August.

SOURCE: Twitter

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