Batman Mural in ‘Batgirl’ Set Photos Includes a First Look at Robin

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Not too long ago, we shared the first look at a mural from the Batgirl set that featured Michael Keaton’s updated Batman design. Well, only minutes later the full mural has been revealed and there’s a second part that almost slipped away. While it seems that parts of his face have faded, it offers a clear look at a comic-accurate take on the boy wonder. You can check out the full mural here:

What makes this inclusion stand out is that there wasn’t a word on Robin appearing in the film. Of course, this doesn’t mean he’ll have a role in the story, but it does confirm that Batman was active at some point with one version of the character by his side. It opens up a lot of questions, such as if this means we’ll see the Dynamic Duo in action during the film’s runtime.

Of course, Keaton is set to appear in The Flash, which could also potentially set up his storyline leading into this film. We might get more clarity once that film drops, but it’s great to see the Boy Wonder potentially getting some silver screen attention. He’s been mostly absent and was mostly featured in TV projects. So, we’ll see if they might announce a casting in the near future.

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