HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ Crew Merch Hints at Potential Season 2

the last of us season 2

It’s been some time since we got an onslaught of set photos from HBO’s The Last Of Us. There were many teases that the games are taking elements from across the franchise, such as Joel and Ellie’s hometown being visited that don’t become relevant until the sequel. More set photos have found their way online that seem to hint at some inspirations taken from the Left Behind DLC, but there’s a much more interesting detail at play here.

@TheLastofUsNews shared the video and also noticed the curious detail when zoomed in on the set crew’s sweatshirt. If you take a closer look, it goes out of its way to highlight that this is the production for “Season 1” which commonly means that there are already plans for the next season.

It’s not definite, as you never know how things develop after a series releases, but it wouldn’t be surprising that HBO has a lot of trust in this project. Plus, the post-apocalypse world has quite a lot to offer and it wouldn’t be too surprising that they’d plan in multiple seasons especially as development is rumored on a third game in the series. For now, this is our first hint at a potential expansion, but we’ll see if we get an announcement ahead of its release.

Source: Twitter

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