‘Batman’ Writer Tom King Is Part of DC Studio’s Creative Team

As successful as comic book movies are, there has always been a divide between the writers that create comics and the movies that are based on their comics. Royalties, attribution, and just overall recognition for comic creators have been a sore topic as of late. It makes the reveal that writer Tom King is included in the DC Studios writer’s room somewhat surprising.

The news comes with the announcement of a live-action film Supergirl: Girl of Tomorrow, based on the acclaimed comic by King and artist Bilquis Everly, among many others. When asked to elaborate on the project, DC Studios co-president James Gunn had this to say:

“We’re pretty far away from ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, other than knowing that Tom King’s books are the basis of the story.” King is part of the writers room that Gunn and Safran have assembled.

King has garnered both praise and controversy for his work on Batman and Mister Miracle. His involvement with the DCU bodes well for the cinematic universe’s future as he is one of the best comic writers working today.

Source: The Wrap

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