Peter Safran and James Gunn Detail Their New Slate’s Timeline

Peter Safran and James Gunn revealed the first half of the first chapter of the new DCU, titled DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, at a press event in Los Angeles. The new slate is comprised of five movies and five streaming series but as of release, only one project from the new slate, Superman: Legacy, was given a release date. Safran and Gunn took the time to explain just why that is.

According to Variety, the DC Studios co-chairs are “adamant that films and series will not go into production until scripts are finished.” With Gunn working on the script for Superman: Legacy, he must feel comfortable enough with the progress he’s made to believe the film can go into production in the Summer of 2024.

As for the rest of the projects revealed, Gunn and Safran hope to eventually roll out two films and two streaming series per year. The animated series Creature Commandoes and the live-action series Waller will stream before the theatrical release of Superman: Legacy and the plan, according to the co-chairs, is to have all 10 projects announced at the event to be released by the end of 2027. Where the DCU goes from there and what the interconnected storyline of it will remain to be seen.

Source: Variety

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