‘BATWOMAN’ Recasts Kate Kane With Wallis Day

Kate Kane is coming back to The CW’s Batwoman, but she won’t look the same as when we last saw her. Deadline has confirmed that actress Wallis Day will replace Ruby Rose as the character who first donned the Batwoman cowl. The move comes less than a year after Roseabruptly quit the series over unknown grievances. Her character was subsequently written off of the Bat-show, with Kane being said to have disappeared in a mysterious plane crash. The second season debuted with Javicia Leslie assuming the title role as a brand new Batwoman named Ryan Wilder, the first black woman to take the mantle. While the latter half of the second season has now committed to answering the question of Kane’s whereabouts, it is being stressed that Leslie will remain the show’s one and only Batwoman.

Batwoman' Casts Wallis Day to Take Over Ruby Rose's Role | Hollywood  Reporter

Day‘s take on Kate will be an altered version of the character. A big reveal on the latest episode of the series revealed Kane to be alive but nearly unrecognizable, with her face wrapped in bandages. It’s still unclear what this means for the former vigilante heroine going forward, but fans can bet they won’t be seeing exactly the same character they met in the series’ pilot. Luckily for Day, she is already familiar with the wide world of DC television. The British thespian is perhaps best known for her starring role in Scyfy’s Krypton, based on the origins of Superman’s biological family. She has also made appearances in The Royals and Casanova, and will star in Antoine Fuqua‘s next feature film, Infinite.

Source: Deadline

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