‘Black Adam’ Merchandise Offers Best Look Yet at Film’s Villain

The identity of the villain of DC’s upcoming film, Black Adam, was a bit of a secret for some time. Initially, it was believed that Dwayne Johnson’s hero would be going up against Eclypso; however, it’s since been revealed, in a leaked look at Funko Pops for the film, that Sabbac would serve as the primary antagonist. Now, thanks once again to Funko, fans have their first good look at Sabbac.

Things started to piece together when we learned the production was eyeing Marwan Kenzari in the role of Ishmael, a role many fans were quickly able to connect to Ishmael Gregor, one of the few that have held the powers of Sabbac. While it was never confirmed Kenzari joined the film, he can be spotted in some of footage we’ve seen, and the recent Funko products seem to confirm the rumored villainous turn. The character looks to be incredibly accurate to the Ishmael Gregor version of the character. Sporting a humanoid form, sprouting two massive horns and a smoldering pentagram on the torso.

SOURCE: Variety

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