‘Black Adam’ Sequel Unlikely to Happen

With reports suggesting ‘Black Adam’ will cost Warner Bros. Discovery $100 million, a sequel seems to no longer be happening.

As the internet continues to debate whether Black Adam will be profitable for DC Studios and Warner Bros. Discovery, a new report suggests a sequel is off the cards. Earlier in the week, Variety reported that Black Adam was set to lose $100 million for Warner Bros. Discovery, after only pulling in $387 million worldwide. Leading man, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would later refute that report, suggesting the film would make a profit of $52 million-$75 million. Despite Johnson’s claims, though, it appears a sequel to the film is off the table.

In a new piece exploring the future of DC Studios, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that it is unlikely a sequel to Black Adam will be given a greenlight. The decision is based on the film’s overall performance. As THR notes, much like Variety did, the film had a hefty price tag – a reported $190 million, but some suggest it’s more like $230 million – and that’s without the cost of marketing. With those numbers, a worldwide haul of $387 million is unlikely to make the film profitable. It could break even with ancillary revenue, but the costs to produce a sequel even at that point seems too high.

Also unlikely is a sequel to Black Adam. Despite the hype surrounding the movie of launching a new corner of DC, a lot of it led by star Dwayne Johnson, the movie has only grossed $385 million worldwide and insiders at the studio say the movie, which cost more than $190 million to produce (two sources peg the actual cost at $230 million, not including marketing), will be lucky to break even, even considering ancillary revenue. Even if the movie does eke out a minimal profit, any follow-up’s inherent rising costs dim the prospect of a sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter

Black Adam is currently playing in theaters and will hit Blu-Ray and DVD at the end of the month.

Source: THR.

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