Black Canary Reference Spotted in Latest ‘Batgirl’ Set Photos

batgirl black canary

The Birds of Prey are a prominent crime-fighting force in DC comics, usually comprised of an all-female roster. They have most recently appeared in the Harley Quinn-led film, where she alongside Black Canary, Huntress, Renee Montoya, and Cassandra Cain teamed up to take down Roman Sionis, aka the Black Mask. There has been some hope that the missing key member may also join at one point, Barbara Gordon. Luckily, new set photos offer a hint that a meeting might be in the near future.

We’ve seen quite a bit from the set of Batgirl, which included an all-new look at Michael Keaton‘s bat-suit and even confirmation on the existence of Robin in the new DCEU. There was even a tease for a potential appearance of Hugo Strange. A new set photo of some more posters has found its way online and includes a direct reference to Black Canary. While most of the poster is covered, it’s likely connected to her music career.

It seems Dinah Lance may be going solo in Gotham City these days. Rumors have swirled recently on her inclusion in the film with it even connecting into her upcoming solo project. For those who aren’t familiar with the Batgirl: Year One storyline, Canary played an important role as Barbara Gordon’s inspiration in becoming a crime-fighting vigilante. So, they may take some queues from that storyline to add more inspiration to the character’s motivation outside of Batman.

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