Leaked ‘Black Widow’ Deleted Scene Reveals Alternate Ending

black widow alternate ending

It looks like one of the deleted scenes from Black Widow have found their way online. Not just any scene, but what seems like an alternative ending where Natasha witnesses a group of kids playing Avengers in her old Ohio neighborhood where she grew up. It’s quite a different take on the ending, as the current version pretty much sets up her storyline in Avengers: Infinity War. We still get her iconic blonde hair in this sequence with Yelena’s green vest. So, it would’ve served the same function but also give her a stronger emotional ending realizing she has done well for the world. The leaked footage comes courtesy of @CosmicMedia_.



In a way, this ending matches the post-credit sequence even better. As the original set her up for her next appearance, which was in theaters years before the film was released, only to cut to her grave after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Her outfit gives away the connective tissue, and there wasn’t much of a need to explain where they got their Helicarrier from. This emotional ending matches her story throughout the franchise much better.

Plus, seeing a girl free to pretend she is Black Widow also adds some relevance to the actions she undertook in the film. There’s a reason they went with the ending that was released in theaters and on Disney+, but it’s always great to get a look at what almost made its way into the film. It’s neve ran easy decision to figure out what leaves the cutting room floor, but luckily physical releases still offer glimpses into what could’ve been.

Source: Twitter

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