Bob Chapek Hints That ‘She-Hulk’ Won’t Release Until After ‘Ms. Marvel’

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There have been some interesting small mentions from Disney’s Earnings Call that give us a clearer hint on what we can expect from Marvel Studios’ planned 2022 Disney+ release schedule. Not only did we uncover when exactly we can expect their next cinematic release to hit the streaming service, but we also got a hint at when we can expect the other series. So far, Moon Knight’s March 30th release is the only one confirmed, but it looks like we have a clearer picture of the future.

At one point during the call, he revealed that She-Hulk won’t release until after Ms. Marvel hit the streaming service. It further confirms the Marvel Japan schedule that leaked back in late January where we also saw She-Hulk as the last Disney+ release for the year. There was no mention of the animated project I Am Groot, but it seems very likely that this was the intended schedule, especially as it follows 2021’s schedule.

Marvel Studios may be focusing on releasing three live-action shows a year with an animated shortly after the summer. So, we might expect I Am Groot around the same release window that What If…? had. Of course, it won’t be the exact same structure especially as She-Hulk isn’t a holiday-themed project. So, it may release in the early Fall rather than closer to the Holidays. Plus, there’s still the question if we might expect The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special this year, which makes sense given the release of the third film in 2023. Still, it’s great to have a clearer picture of what to expect moving forward.

Source: ComicBook

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