Bobby Lee Joins the Cast of ‘Borderlands’

The Borderlands cast is getting another big comedian to fill in the ranks of its ensemble. Bobby Lee revealed on comedian Erik Griffin‘s Twitch stream that he was indeed joining the cast of Eli Roth‘s adaptation of the hit video game. Joining the likes of Cate Blanchett, Jack Black, and Jamie Lee Curtis, Bobby shared that he would be sharing scenes with Kevin Hart‘s Roland. This news comes just a few days after it was announced that Ariana Greenblatt and Haley Bennett had joined the cast as well.

They’re doing a movie called Borderlands. Cate Blanchett’s in it. Jack Black. Kevin Hart. All my scenes are with Kevin Hart. Eli Roth is directing it. I don’t how I got it. I auditioned but I don’t know how.

I played the first game and its sequel so this movie was always going to be on my radar. But as someone who religiously follows Bobby’s work, this makes me beyond excited for the movie and Slept King. Bobby Lee stint as a diehard gamer has been chronicled all throughout his podcast career so him getting this job is pretty amazing. He previously hinted at working on a huge movie that required him to travel to Budapest, where Borderlands was announced to be filming. Some fans quickly put two and two together and guessed right. Hearing him just flat-out confirm it in a video game stream and share his bewilderment in getting cast in the first place is so on brand and hilarious. There’s no other info out there on who he could be playing but rest assured, him doing scenes with Kevin Hart is already guaranteed solid comedic moments.

Source: Twitch

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