Marvel Studios Should Explore Asgard’s History on Disney+

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Some time ago, it got announced that we are getting a Disney+ series focused on Wakanda. It doesn’t have an official title or story, but there is a good possibility it will offer a closer look at the fictional African city. In a way, it opens up a new avenue of storytelling that goes beyond the usual superhero stories. We see this new direction with other Disney+ shows, like Armor Wars and Secret Invasions. They are no longer bound to focusing on a specific characters’ journey. As such, it feels like the perfect time to explore the fictional world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If we start focusing on the MCU’s history, I believe a series based on Thor’s now-destroyed homeworld, Asgard, should be in the works moving forward.


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Thor: Ragnarok teased a long history long before Thor was even born. It introduced us to a very different version of Odin, who seemed quite bloodthirsty. Alongside his daughter Hela, he conquered the nine realms. Anthony Hopkins‘ take on the character introduced us to a level-headed man who tried to learn from his past mistakes. We learn about his battle against the Frost Giants, the banishing of Surtur, and the many acts he has done. We even get a glimpse of his father, Bor, in Thor: The Dark World‘s brief flashback. Throughout each entry, we get a small glimpse into the history of Asgard but never the full picture.

After the events of Ragnarok, the mythical planet is no more. In a way, it feels like the franchise is moving further away from its Nordic routes. There are still so many stories and Norse characters from the comics that deserve more attention. Why not explore a young Odin’s time before he becomes the All-Father. Explore his relationship with his father, who did not return from war. We learn of his family, such as his brother Cul Borson. A tense rivalry, echoing that of his sons, would put them at odds as they try to prove themselves facing the Midgard Serpent, Jormungand.


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The series can explore the history of the Nine Realms and reveals how fragile their unity was. Odin’s peaceful nature tries to explore the different realms and find a way to unite them through peace. Yet, his father’s legacy has created a strong divide between them all. In his journey, he starts to raise a young wolf cub, who he names Fenris. The same wolf that would eventually be the one he passes on to his daughter. Cul, however, has his own agenda to gain the throne. His actions start to push the Realms further apart. It forces Odin’s hand to become the man in the hidden mural. We know that he would eventually become a good man, but we’ve never got a chance to explore the sacrifices he had to make to take on to rule over the Nine Realms and condemn his brother for his actions. It also starts a terrible habit of Odin’s to banish his family in some way. It is only one of many possible stories that could be told through a Disney+ series focused on Asgard.

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