Bong Joon-Ho Sets Next Project at Warner Bros, Robert Pattinson In Talks to Star

Bong Joon-Ho is teaming with Robert Pattinson and Warner Bros. for his next film, an adaptation of Mickey7.

Fans have waited two years to see what Bong Joon-Ho’s next move would be after taking the 2019 awards season by storm with Parasite. We’ve known for a while now that Joon-Ho had begun development on an American adaption of Parasite, teaming with Adam Mckay on a 6-hour mini-series for HBO, but there had been no news on just what film he’d be working on next. It seems after enough time to carefully pick his next project, he’s found the perfect one over at Warner Bros.

Joon-Ho is in talks to write and direct an adaptation of the unreleased novel, Mickey7 written by Edward Ashton. The film is already in the process of casting, with Robert Pattinson in talks to star. Joon-Ho is said to have boarded the project after he was given a copy of the unreleased novel late last year. The casting process was said to be quite crazy as many A-listers in Hollywood were eager to get a shot at the role. In the end, though, Pattinson proved to be the best candidate after wowing both executives and Joon-Ho.

Mickey7 tells the story of a disposable employee who is sent on the most treacherous and dangerous missions. Mickey, of course, proves to be the best employee for the job because after one Mickey dies, another is cloned with perfectly intact memories. Once Mickey reaches the seventh life, he goes missing on a mission to colonize the ice planet of Niflheim and is presumed dead. Healed back to life by the natives of the planet, Mickey returns only to find that they’ve already gone ahead with Mickey8 and they’ve begun the terraforming of Niflheim.

No release date for the project has been set as the production team is still coming together.

Source: Deadline

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