BREAKING: Disney Hoping to Develop an ‘Indiana Jones’ Series for Disney+

indiana jones series

Indiana Jones is set to make a big comeback with the upcoming fifth film starring Harrison Ford in the iconic role once again. Yet, it seems that Disney is not interested in leaving it with just that single project. According to a new report by Variety, it seems they are also hoping to develop a Disney+ series based on the iconic archaeologist’s globe-trotting adventures. They don’t have a writer or showrunner in place. So, it’s not a definite project at the moment but definitely something they are looking into.

There’s also now ord if they are hoping to develop a prequel, many might recall the plans to make an Indiana Jones Jr. series a long time ago, or even if this might act as a spinoff simply set in the same world. Ford has openly stated he’s done playing the character with the upcoming fifth film, which could also hint as it acting as a sort-of reboot with someone else in the title role. Still, we don’t have much to go on as of now.

Disney’s focus on IP is well-known and it would’ve been quite surprising if they haven’t thought of further developing the Indiana Jones brand in some way. Still, they have only thrown the idea out there and are likely looking for someone to pitch their take on the project. Who knows if this might even see the light until 2026 if no one is currently attached, to begin with? Lucasfilm has also not been very thorough in consistently putting gout projects, which could also play a factor and doesn’t mean we’ll definitely see a series spin out of this initial kick-off.

Source: Variety

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