BREAKING: First ‘Spider-Man’ Films Heading to Disney+ UK

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The Marvel collection on Disney+ has been a highlight for many subscribers of the streaming service. An easy way to watch all entries of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even explore some legacy titles from the 20th Century Fox era. Sadly, there were still some missing, most notably Sony’s iconic Spider-Man franchises. When rumblings hit the web about a deal with Sony to acquire their library, many wondered when it might finally come to fruition. It looks like the first steps have finally been reached.

The deal initially saw that Netflix will acquire the Sony projects before they would move on to Disney+, which has a multi-year deal for post-day-1-releases. While there’s no confirmation yet for when they hit the United States, the official Disney+ UK account has announced that Spider-Man: Homecoming will join the service on June 17th.

That is not all, as they have also confirmed that the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 will be added alongside The Amazing Spider-Man films. The noticeable absence of Spider-Man 3 hints that it’s still part of the Netflix deal and will likely follow at a later date.

The same will also go for Spider-Man: Far From Home and eventually No Way Home. The latter might take a year or so once it releases on Netflix before it’ll become available on Disney+. Sony has been playing a strategic game in the market as instead of carrying the weight of an entire streaming service, they simply are using licensing deals to make a profit off of these current developments rather than risk losing any investment directly.

With this release, we may see other Sony films get added to the service in the near future, and we’ll anxiously await the US release window as well. The fact we’re finally seeing the fruits of a deal that was made back in April of 2021 is an exciting prospect for the future of Disney+ and the streaming market.

Source: Twitter

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