BREAKING: Henry Cavill Departs ‘The Witcher’

In the wake of his return to the DC Universe as Superman, Henry Cavill has exited the Netflix streaming series The Witcher. According to an official release from Netflix, Liam Hemsworth will take over the role of Geralt of Rivia in Season 4. Cavill shared the news on Instagram.

It’ll be some time before fans see Hemsworth in the role. Season 3, Cavill’s last, isn’t set to hit Netflix until Summer 2023 and no word has come as to when production on Season 4 is expected to get underway. Indeed the renewal for the fourth season of the series only came today along with the news of Cavill’s departure. Still, Hemsworth also took to Instagram to share his excitement.

Despite the success of Cavill’s time on The Witcher, it’s nearly impossible not to conflate this news with the star’s return as Superman in Black Adam. After years of speculation about the future of Cavill’s Superman, his post-credit scene in Black Adam, word of development on a Man of Steel sequel and the news of James Gunn’s ascendancy to the top of the newly minted DC Studios all seem to portend great things for Cavill’s future as Kal-El.

Source: Netflix

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