‘Brown Girls’ Actress Sonia Denis Joins Marvel Studios’ ‘Ironheart’

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Ironheart‘s cast continues to grow as time goes by. Once again, our latest update to the upcoming Disney+ series from Marvel Studios includes a new cast addition. This time around the Brown Girls actress Sonia Denis has seemingly joined the cast, which will see Dominique Throne return to the role of Riri Williams after her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever next month.

Story details on the sequel are still scarce, as it’ll explore Riri’s time building the most advanced suit of armor that the MCU has seen since Iron Man. Yet, we do get hints at her already doing so in the Black Panther sequel, which raised many questions if this might act as a prequel series. Of course, there’s also the chance that she might not have the energy source capable of keeping a new suit going, which leads to her experimenting.

Tony Stark was no stranger to building a massive amount of suits for different situations. So, why wouldn’t Riri Williams do the same? The only tease we got from the series was the confirmation that Anthony Ramos is taking on the role of The Hood, which may add a magic vs. technology angle to the series. It definitely would make it stand out from other projects and offer a new perspective on how to tell a story about high-tech suits.

Source: Variety

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