BTS Photos Offer First Look at Hailee Steinfeld’s Hawkeye Costume

It has been a crazy week for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ show, Hawkeye. We got a variety of screenshots from the New York City set that confirmed earlier reports that Hailee Steinfeld would be taking over the role of Kate Bishop. We even got our first look at everyone’s favorite pizza dog, Lucky. Now, we were wondering if we get a chance to see her in a more comic-accurate suit. So far, she was only seen in civilian clothes. If they were undercover, they at least avoided the cliché of wearing a hat and sunglasses to hide their identity. Well, it looks like we didn’t have to wait long as we finally got our first look at what may be an early prototype of Kates’s superhero suit provided by @CreamOrScream.

It certainly matches her iconic purple color scheme. It looks slightly homemade, or just a prototype outfit provided by Clint. She is rocking the same bow we saw her hold earlier when they were going into the underground. We don’t quite know how these two meet and form a duo of Hawkeye’s, so either it is a bow she practiced with or Hawkeye provided her with one to train. We will probably see her get a more sophisticated version, which we are used to for the character later down the line. We’ve actually already seen the artwork of what her final design would look like, which will be interesting to see if they changed it for the live-action show.

It is interesting to note that she has a strange attachment to her buckle around her hips. If you look closely, it seems like she may have different arrowheads attached to it. It could be a pouch with different compartments that she pulls the arrowhead out. Unlike Clint, she can only work with what she has. He had a quiver that he could control electronically, so it is nice to get a more down-to-earth design approach here. Steinfeld also seems to be having quite a bit of fun on-set, so cannot wait to see her approach to the character. Just today, Marvel’s Avengers added an entire storyline featuring the iconic archer, so we’ll have some Kate Bishop content to tie us over. Now, if only we got some kind of release date for the other Disney+ Marvel shows.

Source: Twitter

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