CCXP: ‘Indana Jones 5’s Title Finally Revealed

indana jones 5

There have been a lot of theories on the web about what exactly might be the subtitle for the latest entry of Indiana Jones. For quite some time, Lucasfilm and director James Mangold have simply referred it as Indiana Jones, which is a possibility given how some film continuations simply share the same title as the first entry, such as the new Scream film. Yet, it seems that during CCXP 22, we’ve finally gotten a title.

It seems the film will go with Indiana Jones: Dial of Destiny. What exactly that “dial” is will haunt our theories until it releases in theaters, but it’s great to see the naming trend continue for the franchise. Destiny is also a fitting addition if you consider that this story will explore events from Jones’ use connect with the return of the Nazis now in the middle of the Space Race. Perhaps that dial could be the answer to who wins.

Check out the trailer here:

Source: Twitter

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