CCXP Worlds Revealed Alongside Virtual Line-Up

A virtual online event for fans all over the globe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our lives in these past few months. Our day-to-day routine has changed dramatically with global lockdowns, event cancellations, movie delays, and so much more. One of the biggest challenges companies have had to face during this pandemic is the cancellation of conventions worldwide. Companies would use events like San Diego Comic-Con to host panels and make announcements about their upcoming releases. They would reveal their products to hundreds of thousands of fans who are attending. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, these sorts of announcements have been very limited to virtual events like SDCC@Home and DC Fandome. Now, there’s a new event on the horizon that’s going to get the attention of fans worldwide.



Comic-Con Experience (or CCXP for short) is one of the biggest comic conventions and the largest pop culture festival in the world. Its rise in popularity started six years ago when the event first started. Just last year, its attendance rate was around 280,000. CCXP is known for bringing big studios and franchises to talk about their upcoming projects firsthand. The list includes Disney, Warner Bros., Netflix, Amazon, and many more. The event has now moved to a completely virtual format, allowing fans from all over the world to attend. Earlier today, during a Facebook live, CCXP unveiled their plans for CCXP Worlds, displaying a rather familiar format to DC Fandome, with virtual panels and announcements for some of the studios that will be attending. Among those studios were the following:


We can expect many more announcements to arrive in the following days. With so many panels and studios stopping by, we can expect a lot of news and announcements being made at CCXP Worlds. So it’s a good thing that the multiverse is ready to cover what all these worlds announce next week. CCXP will be held from December 4th until the 6th.


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