‘CHERNOBYL’’s Robert Emms joins the cast of ‘ANDOR’

Lucasfilm’s Andor has cast Robert Emms, who we’ve previously seen in shows like the astonishing Chernobyl and His Dark Materials. With the Rogue One spin-off currently filming, there are a few names still being added to the cast, as it eyes a 2022 Disney+ release date. There are no details regarding the character Emms will be playing but considering where we’re expected to find Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor, EmmsBritish background might hint at some sort of role within the Empire. Even if Lucasfilm has been shifting away from reserving such accents for villainous roles in the Star Wars universe.

Moving through a world of military espionage deep within the heart of the fight between the Rebellion and the newly formed Empire, Andor will (obviously) be set before Rogue One, as we’re expected to learn more about Cassian’s background, something only hinted at in Rogue One. Heavyweights Ewan McGregor and Rosario Dawson, playing Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano respectively, are expected to make an appearance. As for Alan Tudyk, who voiced the former Empire droid K-2SO, an integral part of the aforementioned Rogue One, will, unfortunately, not be showing up. 


Source: Deadline

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