New ‘WHAT IF…?’ Lego Leak Reveals the Name of Steve Rogers’ Iron Man Armor

With 2 months to go until Marvel Studios first MCU-based animated series, What If…?, hits Disney Plus, the leaks are coming fast and furious. A recent lego leak gave us some info about a new, Sakarrian Iron Man armor that we’re likely to see in an episode and, now, another leak connects to one of the earliest pieces of concept art we saw for the series. According to 1414falcon fan, Lego will be releasing a “Captain Britain and The Hydra Stomper” set.

We can confirm that Rogers’ suit, which will be built by Howard Stark, is called the Hydra Stomper and is necessary for Steve to head into combat. Rumors have swirled that the Captain Britain episode will be the first to air though that has yet to be confirmed. We’re also still waiting for an official announcement from Disney as to when the series will hit their streaming service. It was reported earlier this week that the series would debut on August 6th, but Disney quickly retracted the information saying only that it was still on schedule to stream in August.

What If…? will take fans through key events from the Marvel Cinematic Universe while reimagining them in major ways. The series will be told from the perspective of Uatu, the Watcher, voiced by Jeffrey Wright, and will see most of the cast of the MCU returning to voice their characters.

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