Chloé Zhao Shares Heartfelt Message to Celebrate ‘Eternals’ Release

eternals release

It almost seems like an eternity that Eternals was going to release in theaters before the pandemic hit. After all that time, only a few more days before we can sit in theaters and witness Chloé Zhao‘s vision of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s history. Now that the release is finally here, Zhao took to her personal Instagram account to share her excitement over its release. Not only that, but she also gives her thanks to Marvel Studios, the cast, and the crew who helped her bring this project to life while sharing a beautiful poster created by Liza Shumska.

With Eternals finally releasing, there’s a lot of hope that it may turn into a new franchise that expands the MCU in new and creative ways. Producer Nate Moore has hinted that there’s no guarantee that they’ll develop sequels of this specific film, but there’s a chance that they might explore their stories in spinoffs. Of course, if Zhao is interested, she may still return for a potential sequel as she seems to truly care for this project and her work with Marvel Studios. It would be great to see what she can do after her learnings from the first film together with the studio and further explore the concepts of Eternals, Deviants, and the Celestials.

Source: Instagram

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