RUMOR: HBO Max’s ‘Green Lantern’ Series to Be Similar in Tone to HBO’s ‘Watchmen’

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Since the platform launched we’ve known that HBO Max would be developing a Green Lantern-based series exclusively for the streamer. The series has been developing at a much slower pace than others, but we know that the first season will span decades. Certain episodes will focus on different lanterns. We know a considerable amount about the series, especially its characters and what their stories might entail. Yet, a new rumor by Illuminerdi might be hinting that the story might be much darker than anticipated.

The series won’t be like other superhero properties, as it’s reportedly set to be much darker in tone. and being compared to HBO’s Watchmen limited series. This is great news if you consider which members of the Lantern Corp will be at the forefront of the series. Alan Scott will deal with being a closeted police officer in the 1940s, while Bree Jarta and Simon Baz face racism on their home planet. Jessica Cruz will most likely be dealing with her mental health and crippling anxiety if they take cues from her comic book origins. This darker tone is perfect for the series, as it gives the writers a much easier job bringing these characters and their stories to life without having to sugarcoat their development into full-fledged lanterns.

Green Lantern currently has no set release date but will reportedly begin filming soon. The series has cast Finn Wittrock as Guy Gardner, Jeremy Irvine as Alan Scott, and Tobias Menzies as Sinestro. There is still no word on if the series will be set within the greater DCEU, but one can only hope that isn’t cast away to another unnamed universe in the ever-expanding Multiverse Warner Brothers is building with DC.

Source: Illuminerdi

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