Chloé Zhao Teases Kro’s Motivation in ‘Eternals’

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Eternals will introduce a new type of antagonist, the Deviants. It wasn’t until the second trailer that we got a closer look at these unique creatures that were genetic offshoots created by the Celestials in the comics. Their designs are quite distinctive from their comic counterparts, who were more humanoid in design. The only bipedal Deviant we meet was their leader, Kro. We briefly see him interact with Angeline Jolie‘s Thena, but that’s the extent of what we know about his motivation.

Luckily, director Chloé Zhao offered some insight into what drives his actions and perhaps what leads to his confrontation with the Eternals. Perhaps his main motivator is the right to survive and strive in a world that rejects him. The trailers hint that the alien race is on Earth to battle the Deviants and take care of their existence. While Zhao plays coy in her answer, she does give us a clearer picture.

I think the only thing I can say…he’s very unique. I think in a way I would say he is an accident in evolution, and there is great debate around the right for someone like him to exist.

Chloé Zhao

Last month, we learned from Dan Stevens that he is voicing the character, but that was the last we heard on it. The interesting aspect of this character is that he may show up in the story when the Deviants should be gone potentially, as Zhao teases that the Eternals went into hiding after taking care of the offshoot. So, who knows if he might have a larger plan that required a lot of patience.

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