Christian Bale on His Gorr the God Butcher Not Being Comic-Accurate in ‘Thor 4’

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There have been quite a few discussions surrounding why Thor: Love and Thunder moved away from Gorr the God Butcher’s iconic comic design. Many theorized that having Christian Bale involved with the project was one of the decisions, but the actor now offered some insight during the press tour on how they approached the design, most notably due to Bale‘s restrictions after wrapping up another project.

Yeah, I was coming off of a film where it had been necessary to be sort of rather lacking in muscle. And then I saw the images and thought: “Well, that’s not going to be possible. And this G-string that#s going on there.” He looked in the comic books like physically a, you know, someone to reckon with Thor. And I said: “Well, you know that’s just not going to be possible in the state I’m in.

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He goes on to highlight that he only had three days between productions, which is the result of COVID. We’ve seen with many productions that they had less prep time and with VFX houses slammed, it’s not easy for these productions to somehow get their projects out in a meaningful way; which Marvel Studios has found a balance to work with.

And so we said: “Alright, now we’ll go with the supernatural powers that he does have that he gets from the Necrosword etc, which I think works really effectively.

He also highlighted that the G-string was already decided not to be part of the film before Bale even sat down with director Taika Waititi. So, it seems that they’ve already decided on some aspects of the design before he joined, but also adapted to his thinner frame due to his previous project. It once again highlights how these productions are far more complicated and also have to adapt when they adapt talent, especially ones as big as Christian Bale.

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